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Opening TentThe Attic Tent is the most energy efficient way to stop energy waste through your attic access portals.  It puts a barrier between the air in your attic and the air in the living areas of your home.  It not only cuts energy loss dramatically, it also helps keep attic dust and dangerous fiberglass from entering your home, which makes the air healthier to breath. (see fiberglass warning)

Pull-down attic stairs are notorious for energy leaks.  In nearly every home one of the biggest energy drains is the attic access area.  Pull-down stairs have a wood and steel assembly that weighs 75-100 pounds being held in place by a pair of light weight springs, with the weight constantly pulling downward.

Your attic access opening may appear to be closed tight, but it seldom is as this gap is usually 1/8 to 1/4 inches around the entire frame of your stair closure letting in cold winter air, and having your AC draw down hot summer air into your home and through your AC system.  Weather stripping around the opening does not provide a tight seal as gravity is “always” pulling the door downward.  Plus your heating and AC intake is usually in close proximity to the opening.

The Attic Tent consists of a half-inch layer of micro-fiber urethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of a high-tech synthetic fabric.  It’s lightweight and flexible; it completely covers the opening to seal it tight and provide added thermal protection.

The Attic Tent zips open to the full dimensions of the portal, making it easy to get in and out to store items and to service HVAV equipment and water heaters in the attic.

Our online DIY pricing starts at $219.99 (including shipping) and we are currently offering a free installation special through August of 2013 within our South Louisiana marketing area.

* * Supports the DOE, Energy Star Home Sealing Program * *

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